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Remove Footer Copyright Links From Sora Jobs Template [100% Working]September 14, 2019

Bloggers, today we are going to look into the Sora blogger templates to remove footer copyright text and links without facing any complex issues. Sora is a blogger template that is famous and in high demand due to its features, easy to use method, responsiveness and user-friendly interface. It is available in FREE and PAID Version. In the paid version you will not face the issue of footer…


How to remove iPictures virus from your computer? [Complete Guide]September 14, 2019

With the advancement in technology, the computer virus is also advancing and producing their new versions that are more harmful and dangerous than the previous computer virus. There are divergent types and kinds of computer virus that install themselves on the client computer through different means and destroy all the files. One of the major type of Computer virus is iPictures virus that is…


Remove Sora Templates Copyright Without Redirecting [Tested]September 14, 2019

You like a blogger template and do not have enough money to buy it. Don’t worry, you are on the right page. Having spent many years in the field of web technologies I am now able to share a few tricks how you can Re-use, Optimize and fix bugs in your blogger theme. Why Use Sora Blogger Templates? Sora Blogger Template is one of the most used blogger template and is highly recommended for the…


Monthly Gas Bill Calculator In Pakistan | Sui Gas Bill CheckerSeptember 13, 2019

A few months ago, people observed a sudden rise in the gas bills that put them in a hassled state. Due to the over rising complaints of the people about the gas high prices, gas authorities take this into account and found that there was some disturbance in the gas pressure. At this time, people were looking for the way to calculate the home gas bills to assess how much gas bill should be…


Electricity Bill Calculator | How to Calculate Your Electric BillSeptember 13, 2019

Are you also worried due to the high electricity bill and wondering how to calculate electricity bill? As a fact, every second person is in a hassled state because of the daunting bill calculation process. Calculating bills either electricity bill or gas bill requires a clear understanding of the whole process including the units consumed, per-unit price and the other terms that play a major role…


9 jQuery functions to validate form input fieldsSeptember 12, 2019

Today I am going to list top 9 jQuery functions that can validate different types of input fields The following are the most commonly used input fields that you’ll have to validate in daily routine 1. Check if the input is empty The following code shows validation of any input field is empty or not. The following script will execute as soon as the user leaves the input field. <div class="input…


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