Since the last few months, I have been facing the weird issue that how to bring Github Desktop App in Windows 10 where the app windows do not remember their position on the screen. This sucked very badly! But finally, I figured this out by myself and bring Github Desktop App back on my windows 10 screen.  

Today I will share the procedure that how you can bring Github Desktop App back on your Windows 10 screen. But before that let's have a quick look at what is Github

Getting started with Github and Github Desktop app:

Github is a well-known company that holds many repositories of Git to facilitate the researchers, academic persons and students.

Github Desktop app is one of the Github repositories that allows the users to access the resources through their desktop version of Github.

For using the Github, there is no daunting process. Register an account on Github and all set.

Bring Github Desktop App Back on Windows First Screen:

The main area of today discussion is how to bring Github desktop app to the first screen of Windows 10. Follow the below strategy and bring Github desktop app on your windows screen in a blink of an eye.

Install Github Desktop App on Windows 10

The fix to bring your off-screen windows back to the screen is super simple. You just need to press “Windows key + right arrow or Windows key + left arrow” at any opened window that is visible in the current screen. Once you see the window is sticking to the left or right side of the screen you’ll see a suggestion for the other window and that’s the time when your off-screen window will come back just click the window that’s off-screen.

Install Github Desktop App

Great, it's back to your current screen!

You also don’t need to plug back your second screen.

Now bring Github desktop app on your Windows 10. If you face any issue or have any query, just comment down and I will get back to you.


  • What is GitHub desktop?

Github Desktop app is the version that can be installed on your windows screen and provide the facility to users to interact with the program using a visual interface. It offers the graphical user interface to the Git users for easy control and usage.

  • How do I bring GitHub on Windows 10?

Bring Github desktop app on windows 10 is no more difficult now. Just press Windows key + right arrow or Windows key + left arrow and your Github desktop app will be back on your Windows 10 screen. For complete procedure follow our guide.

  • How do I install GitHub desktop on windows?

If you want to install Github Desktop app on windows, first you need to have an account on Github. Register at Github and download the Github Desktop app. It will be a zip file. Unzip the Github desktop app and install it on your windows.

  • How do I put GitHub on my desktop?

Bringing Github desktop app on windows 10 is now easy and can be done by using only some windows keys. You just have to press “Windows key + right arrow or Windows key + left arrow” and you will have your Github desktop app back on your windows screen.